Committed to a sustainable environment

At Iberian Premium Fruits, we implement our strategy on the basis of respect and care for the environment. We know that taking care of our surroundings is vital to be able to develop our activities and to be able to enjoy a pollution-free future. Therefore, we take action in line with the objectives set out by the United Nations in Horizon 2030.

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(ODS 6)
Efficient water use measures

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Water is a vital resource to us. We control the quality of irrigation and put into practice the responsible use of this resource so that all of us can continue enjoying it.

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(ODS 7)
Non-contaminating energy measures

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We are implementing measures aimed at clean energy use, such as the acquisition of electrical energy and the installation of photovoltaic plants.

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(ODS 9)
Energy efficiency measures

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We are committed to a more sustainable industry. We place an emphasis on implementing efficient measures that permit us to carry on using energy sustainably.

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(ODS 12)
Development of a circular economy

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We optimize our activities and minimize waste to achieve sustainable production.

Additional information is available in EINF. (Non-Financial Information Report)

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