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Iberian Premium Fruits operates primarily with Llusar, Torres and Ros brands.

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At Llusar, we grow each orange and each mandarin with a clear understanding that the future is built on the foundations of the past. This is why our fruit carries on with its natural process and it is harvested at its optimal point, as it always has been. This way, we let the flavor and the freshness of our fruit varieties speak for themselves. We learn by collaborating with our team on a daily basis constantly improving to offer the best fruit while taking care of the environment.

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At Torres, we produce and select the best pieces of fruit to offer premium quality. Our oranges and mandarins stand out by the trust they invoke in consumers. This occurs because their freshness is maintained throughout the entire year and their taste becomes an essential part of the day-to-day. Besides oranges and mandarins, we offer a huge variety of fruit that bring high added value to our tradition.

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At Ros, we have been working with the highest quality products since 1920. Our production process is controlled at each phase, completely refined and offers the highest guarantees. After being in the industry for so many years, we know that the secret to success is hard work and proper organization. We understand the needs of our consumers, so our oranges and leafy mandarins comply with the highest expectations in terms of freshness and taste.

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